AirCheckup™ Kits

EN13725 Odor Sampling Kit

Captures odors for subsequent quantitative and qualitative laboratory analysis. Recommended for:

  • Sampling environmental odor emissions from industrial and agricultural sources
  • Indoor air quality assessments.
  • Product aroma analysis for R&D, development and quality control.


  • Recommended test sampling period for environmental emissions: 1 to 7 days. For product analysis we recommend depositing a measured amount of product (powder or liquid) in the sampler.
  • 50 mm diameter sampler containing odor absorbent.
  • Kit includes an adhesive tab for sticking sampler to a wall. Can also be placed on a flat surface.
  • Our lab is equipped to provide state of the art odor analysis (see below).

Kit Price: Please contact us for a quote

Kit contents: 1 odor sampler, instructions and postage paid return mailer for laboratory processing.

Laboratory reports:

One or more of the following tests can be selected when sending the sampler for laboratory processing (please contact us for pricing):

# Available Lab Tests Units
1 Odor concentration corresponding to standard EN13725. View Report ouE/m3
2 OdorScan™: The sampler is scanned with a state of the art enose (Cyranose 320). Included with this report is a data file with enose data so that odor data from different samplers can be plotted and compared using, for example, 3D PCA plots. Raw enose data is included in a separate CSV file. View Report Scatter Chart
3 OdorMatch™: Using proprietary algorithms enose data from two or more odor samplers are plotted so that they can be visually compared. Provides a simple way to compare odor profiles of products and air samples. Raw enose data is included in a separate CSV file. View Report %