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AC14 ASHRAE TC 9.9 corrosion/particle indicator.

Monitor all ASHRAE TC 9.9 air quality recommendations for mission critical faciliities at a glance! Indicators darken if exposed to corrosive gases and particulates. Permanently records air contamination events caused by smoke, inadequate ventilation, renovation work and improper maintenance procedures.


  • Credit card size.
  • Simply stick to a surface to start monitoring.
  • Monitors air quality for up to one year.
  • Comprehensive laboratory report (optional).

Kit Price: US$34.95

Kit contents: 1 air quality indicator card, instructions and postage paid return mailer for optional laboratory processing. Flat rate worldwide shipping per order: US$9.95. Orders are shipped registered airmail with tracking.

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Typical ASHRAE TC 9.9 installation sites:

Optional laboratory report:

Report serves as a legal document when measuring air quality or assessing insurance damages caused by contamination events. One or more of the following tests can be ordered when sending the sampler for laboratory processing:

# Available Lab Tests Units Price US$
1 Copper reactivity corresponding to standard ISA-71.04. View Report Angstroms/30 Days $14.95
2 Silver reactivity corresponding to standard ISA-71.04. View Report Angstroms/30 Days $14.95
3 Air particle concentration corresponding to standard ISO 14644-1. View Report % of ISO 14644-1 Class Limit $14.95
4 Particle metrics including size and fiber distribution (including asbestos fibers). View Report Histogram $19.95
5 Organic contamination (including microbes). View Report μg/cm2 $14.95
6 Inorganic contamination (including chlorides). View Report μg/cm2 $14.95
7 pH (acidic & caustic substances). View Report pH $14.95