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ANSI/ISA-71.04 Corrosion Indicator Card

Visually monitor and record corrosion for up to one year in data centers, control rooms, outside air intakes, archives, historic houses, storage rooms, recirculation air handlers, museum display cases and more. Return sampler anytime for laboratory report corresponding to the ANSI/ISA-71.04 corrosion standard.

Advertise on facility walls with indicator cards printed with your company information.


  • Copper and silver reactivity indicators darken when exposed to corrosive gases and particles.
  • Recommended monitoring period: 30 - 365 days.
  • Credit card size.
  • Non-marking & removable adhesive tab. Simply stick to a wall to start monitoring.
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Kit contents: 1 air corrosion indicator card with copper and silver reactivity indicators, instructions and postage paid return mailer for laboratory processing.

When ordering 10 or more kits, samplers can be printed with your company information instead of at no extra cost. Click here to order customized samplers.

Kit contents: 1 air quality indicator card, instructions and postage paid return mailer for laboratory processing.

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How to order lab reports:

Return the sampler to our lab with the post paid mailer. When your sampler arrives at our laboratory we will inform you by email. You can then order the report on our ORDERS page. Report price: US$59.95 After receiving payment, we analyze the sampler and email you the laboratory report.

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# Laboratory report overview: Units
1 Copper and silver reactivity corresponding to standard ANSI/ISA-71.04 Angstroms/30 Days
2 Corrosive chlorides. μg/cm2
3 pH (acidic & caustic substances). pH