AirCheckup™ Kits

ISO-14644 air particle indicator.

Indicator darkens if exposed to elevated levels of air particles. Permanently records air contamination events caused by smoke, inadequate ventilation, renovation work and improper maintenance procedures.


  • Recommended monitoring period: 30 - 365 days.
  • Indicator for airborne particle contamination.
  • Credit card size.
  • Simply stick to a surface to start monitoring.

Kit Price: Please contact us for a quote.

Kit contents: 1 air quality indicator card, instructions and postage paid return mailer for laboratory processing.

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Typical ISO 14644 installation sites:

# Available Lab Tests Units
1 Air particle concentration corresponding to standard ISO 14644-1. View Report % of ISO 14644-1 Class Limit
2 Particle metrics including size and fiber distribution (including asbestos fibers). View Report Histogram
3 Organic contamination (including microbes). View Report μg/cm2
4 Inorganic contamination (including chlorides). View Report μg/cm2
5 pH (acidic & caustic substances). View Report pH