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AirCheckup AC16: Data center zinc & tin whisker test with lab analysis.

This kit is designed to identify and quantify zinc and tin whiskers growing on data center equipment and infrastructure. Zinc and tin whiskers are highly conductive crystals which can become airborne and are a major cause of catastrophic equipment failure. Since many surfaces in data centers have the potential to grow metal crystals it is important to monitor their growth.


Kit price includes lab report with the following test parameters (see sample report below):

  • Average fiber length (mm)
  • Fiber concentration (fibers/cm2)
  • Easy to use.
  • Simply stick the test tab to a surface to be tested then peel off and send to our lab. The kit includes two test tabs.

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Kit Price: US $150.00 including lab report. Kit contents: 2 test tabs, instructions and postage paid return mailer for laboratory processing.

Flat rate shipping per order: US $9.95. Orders are shipped registered airmail with tracking. Kit price includes Swiss sales tax. The declared customs value of each kit is US $2.00.